Trump stokes Dems anti Semitism spat ahead of 2020

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Major Democratic donors argue the Omar flap will not affect Democratic presidential candidates in 2020 with one predicting that it will have zero impact on the general election. elect democrats and boot trump and the folks around him the second donor said. But Jewish Democrats and others have labeled Jexodus a fringe group that is not representative of the larger Jewish community. President Trump himself has trafficked anti Semitic tropes executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America. But Israel is less of a motivating factor than domestic issues. United States Space Force Organization and Leadership. In order to ensure that the United States Space Force and United States Space Command have the necessary operational authorities the National Space Council and the National Security Council shall coordinate an accelerated review of space operational authorities. This department will take over some or all responsibilities for the United States Space Force from the Department of the Air Force. Of all the major candidates he brings the least to the Democratic primary. Its been two weeks since Beto ORourke announced hed made up his mind about whether to run for president but the former Texas congressman wants to keep us in suspense for at least a little longer

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