Senate Republicans enact procedural change to speed confirmation of Trump judicial picks

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Cabinet secretaries which will continue indefinitely. The change in precedent is not technically a formal change in Senate rules which would require a 67 vote threshold to end a filibuster. All Senate Democrats voted to reject McConnells precedent change with GOP Sens. The comprehensive campaign by Senate Democrats to delay Senate consideration of presidential nominations is now more than two years old McConnell said. There is no emergency that justifies changing the Senate rules. Lee said the Senate shouldnt break its own rules for a short term gain that could have lasting effects. The Senates rules protect the rights of the American people by balancing the competing interests of majorities Lee said in a statement after the vote. A rules change is either a good idea or it isnt. We should not be a conveyor belt for President Trumps radical and unqualified judicial nominees Schumer said on the Senate floor Monday. This rules change is yet another power grab by Leader McConnell and its right wing allies

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