As Mnuchin Stonewalls on Trump Taxes Progressives Call for Subpoena and Possible Contempt Charge

trump subpoena


He has no choice but to subpoena the tax returns from the Treasury Department and force the IRS to comply with his request. If this stonewalling continues House Democrats should look into holding Secretary Mnuchin in contempt of Congress. the trump administration just missed another deadline to hand over trumps tax returns. Its time to subpoena Trumps tax returns. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and the IRS should have immediately complied with Chairman Neals request and furnished President Trumps tax returns the groups said. were fighting all the subpoenaspresident donald trump on wednesday said his administration will challenge all the subpoenas sent his way by congressional democrats escalating partisan tensions that have reached new heights since the publication of special counsel robert muellers report. Trump said Democrats ramped up investigatory efforts which just this week have included fights over subpoenas of the presidents financial records and former White House counsel Don McGahn are a ploy to defeat him in 2020. Story Continued BelowWere fighting all the subpoenas the president said on the White House lawn before departing for a summit on the opioid crisis in Atlanta. The report also did not take a stance on whether Trump obstructed justice but said Congress has the authority to conduct its own investigation of the presidents actions. Republicans used the Russia findings to argue Trump was cleared of any wrongdoing even though Mueller said he was not exonerating the president on the obstruction issue

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