House committee subpoenas Trump financial information from accounting firm

trump subpoena


Cummings had said he intended to issue a friendly subpoena because Mazars USA had requested it from the committee before providing records. Cummings and other Democratic committee chairs have been inquiring after the Presidents financial information as part of several probes into Trump and his businesses. On Monday multiple House committees issued subpoenas to a number of financial institutions as a part of their investigations into Trumps finances. House of Representatives committees have issued subpoenas to multiple financial institutions the panels Democratic leaders said on Monday. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said in a statement the subpoenas issued included a friendly subpoena to Deutsche Bank. Schiff said Deutsche bank had been cooperative. Kerrie McHugh said the bank was engaged in a productive dialogue with the two committees. Congress subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for information on Trumps finances business dealings with Russia and other issues related to money laundering. The New York Times reporter who broke the story and former prosecutor Maya Wiley join breaking coverage on The Beat with Ari Melber. Before that most of his income came from the salary he receives as a senator

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