House Dem Threatens Trump Officials With Incarceration For Refusing To Honor Subpoenas

trump subpoena


said friday that the panel might resort to the threat of incarceration should trump administration officials continue to ignore its numerous subpoena backed requests for documents. Were going to resist Connolly told CNNs Wolf Blitzer. And we will use any and all power in our command to make sure its backed up whether thats a contempt citation whether its possible incarceration. White House adviser Stephen Miller have thus far all refused to come before the panel. This is an assault on the legislative branch and its an assault on the Constitution Connolly said of Trump officials asserting executive privilege. The President on Wednesday blasted the rabid Democrats and said his White House will be fighting all of the House subpoenas. Were fighting all the subpoenas Trump said Wednesday. Thus the White House will invoke executive privilege to deny the House Judiciary Committee access to ex White House counsel Don McGahn who spent 30 hours being interrogated by Robert Muellers team. But the requisite mutual respect between the Democratic House and the Republican White House simply does not exist. the battles that made and broke a president and divided america forever

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