House Democrats to subpoena accounting firm for Trumps financial records

trump subpoena


congress cummings moves to subpoena trump financial recordshouse oversight and reform committee elijah cummings. Cummings plans to issue the subpoena on Monday after Mazars asked for a so called friendly subpoena so that it could comply with the committees document demands. Jim Jordan of Ohio 48 hours notice before issuing the subpoena. In response to Cummings memo Jordan accused Cummings of an astonishing abuse of power. President Donald Trumps dispute with Democrats over border wall funding has led to the longest ever US government shutdown. Cummings told the members of his committee that they have until Monday to express their views on the move before he issues the subpoena. repcummings just notified oversight members of his plans to issue a subpoena to mazars for turmps financial info. Comes after WH blocked the W&M Trump tax return request. Cummings and other Democratic committee chairman have been seeking Trumps financial information as part of a plethora of probes into the President and his businesses. Cummings and two other committee chairmen have also requested financial information related to the Trump International Hotel from Capital One which also requested a subpoena before providing material to Congress

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