Mark Levin Mueller team didnt subpoena Trump because they could smear him without it

trump subpoena


Conservative commentator Mark Levin accused special counsel Robert Mueller of forgoing a subpoena to compel President Trump to testify in the Russia investigation in an effort to smear the president. Then why did you make a big deal to interview the president of the United States? Levin said. He wouldve lost his subpoena battle and that wouldve been that. We dont need the presidents testimony; we can smear him without it the conservative commentator imagined Muellers team plotting. Attorney General William Barr instead made the conclusion determining Trump did not obstruct justice. Jerry Nadler issued a subpoena Monday that orders former White House counsel Donald McGahn to testify before the House Judiciary Committee over documents related to charges that President Donald Trump obstructed justice. Mueller obtained thirty related conspiracies involving Trump associates. Chairman Cummings set forth a series of legitimate congressional avenues of investigation that justify the subpoena he issued for the presidents financial records. Last week including Trumps highly sought after tax returns. He added that Trumps lawsuit is nothing more than a stunt to undermine congressional oversight power

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