New Yorks Subpoena For Trumps Financial Records Is His Biggest Nightmare

trump subpoena


If New York officials succeed in getting Trump financial records it will trouble Trumpworld far more than any congressional fight. deutsche bank has begun providing records to new york attorney general letitia james in response to a subpoena for documents related to loans made to president trump and his business cnns cristina alesci reports. CNNs New Day panel picks apart Trumps strategy in stonewalling House subpoenas for White House staffers past and present. What about that argument that David Gregory points out which is exactly what President Trump seized on. I think if you are a Democrat other documents that dont necessarily have anything to do with this White House. But we saw flashes of this as David Gregory pointed out with other administrations. I think politically Donald Trump relishes the fight. He cant run to the Supreme Court to get the justices to call off impeachment. Its a process the Constitution clearly leaves in the hands of the legislative branch. The only role for the court is that the chief justice presides over a Senate trial if it comes to that

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