Trump Tells Personal Accountant To Ignore Dem Subpoena For His Financial Info

trump subpoena


The Houses Intelligence and Financial Services committees reportedly issues subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and several other banks seeking information on President Trumps finances and the lenders business dealings with Russians The New York Times reports. We remain committed to providing appropriate information to all authorized investigations in a manner consistent with our legal obligations she said. Other banksincluding Citigroup JPMorgan Chase and Bank of Americahave also reportedly been subpoenaed. The subpoenas reportedly seek materials relating to dealings the banks made with a list of suspected money launderers from Russia and other Eastern European countries. The White House and the Trump Organization reportedly did not respond to the Times requests for comment. The letter saying that he intended to issue a subpoena to Mazars. The letter adds that House Oversight is not a miniature Department of Justice. In a memo to lawmakers on Monday announcing the issuance of the subpoena Cummings hit back at Jordans statements. Consovoy also represents Trump in his personal capacity in a lawsuit brought by the D. and Maryland attorneys general alleging violations of the Emoluments clause and has written to the Treasury Department to urge it to ignore House Ways and Meanss request for Trumps tax returns

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