Ocasio Cortez responds to AOC sucks Trump rally chant CNN Video

trump suck


I dont know about you guys but thats pretty scary. As the presidents son scanned his notes a chant began. As the audience roared in unison Trump Jr. looked up glanced across the crowd and flashed a grin. Yet the president indicated earlier Friday on CNN that healthcare might not be the top priority as he is in no great rush to address healthcare. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Michigan Thursday night. was blasting the first year congresswomans policies when the crowd started chanting AOC sucks leaving him grinning as the rally cries grew louder. appeared to be referring to the Green New Deal which was introduced by Ocasio Cortez and Sen. Trump went further claiming the total and complete exoneration of his presidency. s criticisms of her policies which sparked chants of AOC sucks!by the crowd at President Trumps campaign rally in Michigan

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