Trump rally crowd hits Ocasio Cortez with AOC sucks chant in Michigan

trump suck


Part of the crowd at a Trump rally in Michigan started chanting AOC sucks referencing Rep. alexandria ocasio cortez blasts devos for saying she loves the special olympics more. I dont know about you guys but thats pretty scary. After his remark the crowd broke into the AOC sucks chant. Attendees of President Donald Trumps rally in Grand Rapids on Thursday evening broke out into an AOC Sucks! chant after Donald Trumps Jr. The Green New Deal aims to transform the U. Theres a lot of people blowing back on the Green New Deal. Listen who is going to come in with a gigantic infrastructure plan. The crowd at Donald Trumps latest campaign rally took up a new chant directed at one of the Democratic partys most visible new members of Congress Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. aoc sucks michigan bellowed last night

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