Charlie Kirk High School Students Slept Outside Of TPUSA Summit To See Trumps Speech

trump summit


We have people camping out overnight Kirk said to loud cheers from dozens of teenagers late Monday evening. countless high school students sleeping overnight just for a chance to see. Trump Derides Growing Radical Left at Teen Student Action SummitWASHINGTONPresident Donald Trump spoke out against socialism and the growing radical left on the second day of Turning Point USAs Teen Student Action Summit as he praised the young people in the room for putting America first. Turning Point is a conservative nonprofit organization that focuses on educating and organizing students. The radical left is waging an assault on the rule of America. On that note a student who was at a Turning Point event that got hit with pepper spray by a leftist. so how can you tell which tastes are trending right this minute?are these trending miami restaurants on your radar?wondering where miamis insiders are eating and drinking?renting in miami

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