For the media to say that Trump hasnt condemned neo Nazis and white supremacists is not true Mollie Heminway

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Right there in plain English is private citizen Trump and specifically goes after the attack by one particular white supremacist loser named Burford Furrow. No one say again no one took the white supremacist loser more seriously than Donald Trump. The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway and Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen butted heads during the Special Report All Muslim shootings that took place in New Zealand last week. When he condemns people by name Hemingway said to Thiessen. The Washington Post columnist doubled down saying that the alt Semitism amid the controversy surrounding Rep. We are all responsible for policing our own movements and Donald Trump has not effectively done that when it comes to the alt right Thiessen told the panel. Hemingway called it frustrating when Trumps condemnation of neo Nazis and white supremacists go unacknowledged and stressed how the shooter said in his manifesto that he wanted to get the media to have these conversations to blame certain people for what he did. Meanwhile President Trump should be calling out and rejecting white supremacy by its name. fox business host gerry baker said monday there is no question that many white supremacists view president trump donald john trumpwarren. Baker added that white supremacists likely see their views on immigration and culture as aligned with some of Trumps rhetoric

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