President blasted for refusing to say the term white supremacist terrorism after latest incident by a Trump supporter

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But still Trump refused to use the phrase white supremacist terrorism. The gunman in New Zealand hailed Trump in his manifesto as a symbol of renewed white identity. At this point Trump lies somewhere between an apologist for white supremacist terrorism and a person who inspires people to commit such acts. CNN anchor Ana Cabrera recounted how terrorism by white nationalists is on the rise in America and around the world. He has not said the words white supremacist terrorism. Rashida Tlaib on Sunday called on President Donald Trump to condemn white supremacists as New Zealand continues to reel from an attack on two mosques by an avowed white supremacist. She said Trump needs to pick up the phone and call the Department of Justice. The violence against Muslims in New Zealand on Friday put a spotlight on Trumps rhetoric about Islam and revived criticism of his handling of white supremacist violence. The president is not a white supremacist. On Friday Trump condemned the horrible massacre at the mosques and the White House called the shooting a vicious act of hate

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