Beer Industry Blames Trumps Tariffs For Loss Of 40K Jobs

trump tariff


As we have heard from our farmers they do want us to find a path forward with China. The tariffs are hurtful right now but the president will continue negotiating. have said the trade conflict is hurting american farmers. A new report on the beer industry ahead of the summer drinking season the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association released their Beer Serves America economic report on the nations beer industry. The report indicates that the industry has seen the loss of over 40 and the industry is blaming President Donald Trumps tariffs. Aluminum tariffs are increasing brewers costs and are an anchor on a vibrant industry Beer Institute President Jim McGreevy told The Hill in a statement. This ancient yeast allowed us to create beer that lets us know what ancient Philistine and Egyptian beer tasted like. While Trump has the power to do what hes been doing some power is best left not used. In the US you could have a meeting of tooling engineers and Im not sure we could fill the room. China called that right from the beginning

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