Consumers stung by Trumps tariffs on washing machines

trump tariff


it raised prices on washing machines which rose by $92 last year. The authors calculate that the tariffs brought in $82 million to the U. Trump imposed the tariffs last year in response to a complaint by the Michigan based manufacturer Whirlpool which claimed foreign competitors were cornering the American washing machine market with cheaper models that threatened domestic manufacturers. The tariffs started at 20% per imported washer and rose to 50% late in the year. game of thrones because and who ends up on the spiky iron chair in kings landing. but for me the hit hbo show is about more than a death count. A coalition of business groups called on the Trump administration Monday to scrap its plans to retain tariffs on Chinese goods as part of the trade deal it is negotiating with Beijing. We must have an enforcement mechanism that does not punish Americans for Chinas unfair trade practices. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said last week that the United States and China had agreed on an enforcement mechanism as part of a trade deal between the two countries but did not elaborate on what it would involve. wants to keep at least some of the existing tariffs against China in place

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