Democrats introduce bill to rein in Trump on tariffs

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are introducing legislation on Wednesday that would require Congress to vote to approve tariffs implemented for national security reasons. A resolution approving the tariffs would need to win over a simple majority of both chambers. But a key GOP senator is expected to soon introduce legislation that would bolster congressional oversight over national security tariffs. Chuck Grassley said Wednesday that President Trump told him two weeks ago that he would not exempt Canada and Mexico from metals tariffs as part of a deal to get the U. Canada Agreement on trade through Congress. I said to the president but Trump has thus far refused to do that. Grassley said that when he raised the issue in a meeting with Trump U. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer You cannot conflate the tariffs with the agreement. Some people say thats worse than tariffs Grassley added. Republicans are trying to head off their next potentially explosive conflict with President Donald Trump

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