Trump gives little comfort to carmakers by swapping border closure for tariffs

trump tariff


auto industry received scant comfort when he walked back the threat in favor of tacking tariffs onto vehicles and parts. Trump had originally said he might shutter the border altogether this week then shifted to blocking large sections rather than a blanket action. Well give them a one year warning and if the drugs dont stop or largely stop in particular cars. Trump specified that a tariff on cars would be 25 percent and said the one year time frame was flexible. president donald trump speaks during the white house opportunity and revitalization council meeting in the cabinet room of the white house . And probably start off with the tariffs Trump said. Trump had already appeared to be easing off his border threat earlier this week. Mexico Trump proofed its auto sector and the White House would need to get very creative to impose auto tariffs on Mexico. In addition China and other American trading partners dont pay U. a threat by us president donald trump to impose car import tariffs on mexico appeared to move him away from a previously threatened closing of the border

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