Trump threatens trade war with EU over Harley Davidson tariffs We will Reciprocate

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Donald Trump has threatened to launch a trade war with the EU over tariffs imposed on Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson saw profits wiped out in the final quarter of last year primarily due to the costs of new tariffs which were in fact instigated by Mr Trump himself. But it only became a target of EU and Beijing tariffs in retaliation for those introduced by Mr Trump. Harley Davidsons profit plunged as President Donald Trumps tariffs hurt sales. US tariffs on steel have impacted the company through rising raw material costs while tariffs from Europe and China have limited exports impacting revenue. Harley Davidson has struggled with Tariffs with the EU President Donald Trump tweeted. President Donald Trump appeared to reverse course on Harley Davidson on Tuesday pledging to retaliate against unfair European Union tariffs that the company partially blamed for its nearly 27% drop in first quarter profit. Trump said that the EU tariffs have forced Harley to move U. Harley announced plans last year to move production of its motorcycles destined for the EU to overseas facilities from the U. to avoid EU tariffs imposed in retaliation against Trumps duties on aluminum and steel imports

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