Trump Wants Japan To Cut Tariffs On Agriculture

trump tariff


Its gotten very complex with whats happened to Brexit and whats happened with various other trade deals throughout the world. I dont like to talk about things and I wont talk about things because who knows what happens. And the other thing well be discussing is trade as it relates to our two countries. Well be discussing very strongly agriculture because going for many years going into Japan. And ultimately we have a chance to make a very good and long term trade deal with Japan. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has warned President Trump that his U. Mexico Agreement on trade cant pass Congress if he retains steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico. restore exemptions from the metals tariffs for Canada and Mexico before they will vote for USMCAs approval. The exemptions were initially granted when the tariffs were enacted last year but removed by the Trump administration during the negotiations on USMCA as a tactic to pressure Canada and Mexico. These levies are a tax on Americans Canadian Parliament and U

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