Trump Washing Machine Tariffs Put Consumers Through Wringer Study Finds

trump tariff


President Donald Trumps tariffs on imported washing machines imposed at the behest of Whirlpool pumped $82 million into the U. They also drove up dryer prices by the same percentage even though they were unaffected by tariffs. Researchers believe manufacturers simply took advantage of the washing machine tariffs to raise prices on an often paired item. President Donald Trump on Tuesday appeared to reverse course on Harley Davidson Inc. after urging a boycott of the company last year amid a steel spat. Trump retaliated by calling for higher taxes and backing a boycott of the iconic American motorcycle maker. On Tuesday calling the EU tariffs unfair but giving no other details about any planned U. action in a tweet citing comments by a Fox Business Network host. Representatives for the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on any planned actions as both the EU and the United States prepared to launch larger trade talks. Representatives for Harley Davidson could not be immediately reached for comment on Trumps tweet

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