Islamic State driven from last Syria territory Trump says

trump territory


President Donald Trump said on Friday that U. backed forces had dislodged the Islamic State militant group from its last holdout in Syria. The president has previously displayed a map illustrating the diminution of Islamic State. Trump has said Islamic State no longer holds territory several times over the past few weeks. officials told Reuters that fighting still continued late into Thursday between U. backed forces and Islamic State militants in the last remaining territory it holds. sdf officialthe sdf has been battling for weeks to defeat islamic state in the baghouz enclave in southeastern syria at the iraqi border which once spanned a third of syria and iraq. was still launching airstrikes and sporadic fighting continued on the ground against the groups holdouts. Its about time Trump exclaimed on an airport tarmac in Florida. He held up maps indicating the territory once held by the IS group in Iraq and Syria had shrunk to nothing

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