Trump Pulls Out Map of Syria Declares ISIS Defeated By Tonight

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Donald Trump says the last of the Islamic States territory in Syria will be freed by U. The most recent map shows what Trump says is a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight. Trump has previously announced the defeat of the group but sleeper cells of fighters remain in Syria. A map shows the territory held by ISIS two days agoMaps show how ISIS fighters are retreating into an ever smaller pocket of land in Syria. The area in red was all the terror group had left yesterdayUS backed SDF fighters said they were even closer to driving ISIS out of Baghouz yesterday. comPresident Donald Trump announced to reporters at the White House that the Islamic State in Syria would be gone by tonight. There is no red pointing his finger at the different parts of the map. They gave me economic trends and not the ISIS chart. led coalition fighters could have the Islamic State in Syria eliminated by tonight. Speaking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House Trump pulled out a paper showing two maps of Syria

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