Canadian And Japanese Leaders Tout Benefits Of Pacific Trade Deal That Trump Abandoned

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President Donald Trump walked away from and said the pact should serve as a model for future agreements. Both men made clear they differed in some areas with Trump citing Japanese tariffs on American agricultural products and Abe bringing up U. the un will get notice that we are formally rejecting this treaty. Pulling the US out of yet another arms control treaty undermines our national security and makes for a more dangerous world Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted. Trump chose the NRA to make the announcement playing on the groups fears of weapons controls. japanese prime minister shinzo abe was set to arrive in washington to meet u. Abe is trying to avoid tariffs or quotas on lucrative auto exports and Trump wants to open Japans agricultural market a bit wider for U. and Japanese negotiators held a second round of trade talks in Washington aiming to secure a speedy agreement focused on farm products and vehicles

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