Chuck Grassley Shows Trump To Cancel Tariffs Or Lose US Mexico Canada Trade Deal

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While making progress in negotiations with China on a new trade deal Trump made clear he wants to seal a new agreement with Japan soon as well. Trump said negotiators for the United States and Japan are making progress in his drive to rebalance their trade relationship in a way that reduces chronic U. Trump cited Japanese tariffs on American agricultural products as an irritant and Abe brought up U. Trump has made clear he is unhappy with Japans trade surplus with the United States way deal to change it. Trump said he felt it was possible to work out a long term trade deal with Japan. President Donald Trump walked away from and said the pact should serve as a model for future agreements. Both men made clear they differed in some areas with Trump citing Japanese tariffs on American agricultural products and Abe bringing up U. The Senates senior Republican issued an ultimatum to President Trump on Sunday saying either he cancels his trade war tariffs or else he can forget about getting his U. The USMCA is the successor to the North American Free Trade Agreement which Mr. Trump said late last year he would terminate NAFTA forcing Congress into a take it position on the USMCA

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