Donald Trump wades into the Brexit crisis with an early morning TRADE DEAL tweet

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They created that meeting without anyone knowing it adding that Navarro circumvented the presidents former chief of staff John Kelly. I knew I wasnt convincing him I was right continued the former White House economist. The president needs a win before raising concerns over Trumps ability to challenge Chinese markets. But how are we going to stop the Chinese from stealing intellectual property or not paying for it?. When the process breaks down living in chaos. Of course Cohn probably wouldnt have said he was enjoying his time in the White House. We can do a very big trade deal with the UK. we are also re negotiating our trade deal with the European groups and literally individual nations. Peoples Vote campaign refuses to back second referendum bid The Peoples Vote campaign came out against a bid for a second referendum today. This trade deal would be a disaster for Britain and shred our animal welfare and consumer protections

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