EU US TRADE WAR Brussels to slap tariffs on ketchup school bags as Trump row EXPLODES

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Volvo is a Chinese owned Swedish company making cars in the U. Trumps trade war with China has stretched for more than a year and trade tensions remain high with Europe as well. We need to be able to change our manufacturing capabilities very fast Volvo Cars vice president for the Americas and the CEO of Volvo Car USA. One would think that Donald Trump would have the old bipartisan coalition solidly in his corner. It is the left side of the bipartisan trade reform coalition that has fallen apart. The resurgence of a New Left that scoffs at the idea of American Greatness and equates nationalism with racism and imperialism finds working with a President committed to trade reform unthinkable if his name is Trump. Yet the left has been lobbying against ratification of USMCA for reasons that have nothing to do with American national interests. Brussels list includes everyday items like tomato ketchup including sweet potato. The colossal list also includes aeroplanes tractors and car parts. our list is comprised of products where there is a possible substitution where us supply is limited

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