Gary Cohn Says Trumps Trade Advisors Have Left the White House Living in Chaos

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Now its effectively a bad Brexit deal or no Brexit at all which is absolutely ghastly. That doesnt mean a crash out wont happen anyway. In fact or if the EU wont agree to a delay. Its possible that a Trump administration will never get to negotiate a bilateral trade deal with the UK. Of all the major candidates he brings the least to the Democratic primary. Its been two weeks since Beto ORourke announced hed made up his mind about whether to run for president but the former Texas congressman wants to keep us in suspense for at least a little longer. They created that meeting without anyone knowing it adding that Navarro circumvented the presidents former chief of staff John Kelly. I knew I wasnt convincing him I was right continued the former White House economist. The president needs a win before raising concerns over Trumps ability to challenge Chinese markets. But how are we going to stop the Chinese from stealing intellectual property or not paying for it?

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