Peter Navarro President Trump s trade policies make great strides

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The trade deficit in goods with China has risen by $72. In fairness the trade deficit increased for reasons that were not entirely Trumps responsibility. In the case of China Trump has made one of his central issues prohibiting requirements that US companies investing in China transfer their technology to a local partner. the robust trump economy is one of the trade deficits biggest drivers. this is simply unfair and why president trump urged congress in his. President Trump remains fiercely committed to reducing Americas trade deficit including eliminating unfair and nonreciprocal trade practices. President Trump Donald John TrumpNew York Gov. In an interview with WNYC Public Radios Freakonomics podcast Cohn remarked that 99. 99999 percent of top economists agreed with his assertion that tariffs dont work. But the one that doesnt while maintaining his opposition to the presidents tariff policies

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