Mnuchin describes White House lawyers consulted Treasury on Trump tax returns despite law meant Damian PalettaWashington Post

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Quigley told Mnuchin we would greatly appreciate it if Treasury would report what White House officials had said. President Trump has turned away all requests that he voluntarily disclose his taxes as other recent presidents have done. Mnuchin said that he had not personally spoken to Trump or to anyone at the White House about the request. Our legal department has had conversations prior to receiving the letter with the White House General Counsel he said. Trump have indicated that the request is likely to be denied. Treasury Department lawyers huddled with the White House general counsels office about the release of President Trumps tax returns even before House Democrats asked for the records Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Tuesday. The procedure was supposed to ensure that the White House could not interfere in the request. He said he had not spoken directly with anyone from the White House about the tax returns but that members of his team had. I believe that the communication between our legal department and the White House general counsel was informational Mnuchin said

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