Shanahan ready to send more troops to the border when Trump asks Our support is very elastic

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Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters Friday the Pentagon stands ready to dispatch more troops to the border region if President Trump follows through with his pledge to increase the military presence along the U. Shanahan said the Pentagon has had conversations with the Department of Homeland Security but has yet to receive a formal request. Shanahan will meet with a planning team at the Pentagon over the weekend to prepare for the potential request he said. To say that going to the border was degrading our readiness is not an accurate statement Neller told the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday. President Trumps controversial ban on most transgender people from serving in the armed forces took effect Friday amid protests by advocacy groups. The Trump Pence transgender troop ban is dangerous for both transgender people and our national security McBride said. Transgender rights activists say the figure is higher. In a meeting with top national security advisors this week Donald Trump discussed potentially increasing US military involvement at the United States Mexico border to build migrant tent camps. Acting defence secretary Patrick Shanahan was at the meeting

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