Trump Boost Troop Deployments at US Southern Border Again

trump troop


Donald Trump has complained that US border troops cannot get a little rough with migrants because everybody would go crazy. The president lamented that his military cant act like they would normally act by being heavy handed with refugee families. But our military everybody would go crazy. So our military cant act like they would normally act or lets say another military from another country would act. But Peg says the family spent years hiding Bs gender dysphoria afraid it would destroy their military career. Peg Fram was driving when she learned the president wanted to fire her spouse. I pulled over and I have to say Peg Fram told The Daily Beast. The Trump administrations transgender troop ban too. Several partners and spouses of transgender service members told The Daily Beast that the last two years of court cases and Supreme Court drama have been an emotional rollercoaster. For other partners of transgender service members it has been even more harrowing to deal with the potential loss of income and the uncertainty around opportunities for advancement

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