Trump just threw a giant Twitter tantrum against the entire state of New York

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and his dad got into University of Pennsylvania. ignited a firestorm of comments aimed at him and President Donald Trump in reference to how they got into prestigious colleges. to release his high school transcripts and SAT scores and they would do the same for their entry into various Ivy League schools. In the book it was reported that Don Jr. was dubbed Diaper Don for his habits after drinking. This time the object of his ire is New Yorks Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo as well as the entire state itself. Trump called Cuomo and New York PRESIDENTIAL HARRASSERS a nonsensical phrase he has coined himself and which he increasingly hurls at anyone or anything unwilling to overlook the vast corruption and incompetence of his failed administration. New York State and its Governor are now proud members of the group of PRESIDENTIAL HARASSERS. Additionally James has called for state legislators to loosen a loophole that prevents state prosecutors from pursuing charges against a defendant once said defendant has been pardoned for similar federal charges. Trump is the low hanging fruit for late night comedians such as Stephen Colbert with whom he has somewhat of an ongoing feud

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