Trump Twitter rages at SNL for not showing the other side in unhinged rant and threatens FCC action

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president donald trump rants about the mueller probe on the white house lawn. Same with Late Night Shows he wrote Russia!Same with Late Night Shows Donald J. Donald Trump is currently uncontrollably pissed off it has frequently been because Donald Trump had gotten word something Very Bad was in the works. But a Trump Tantrum on this scale is reasonable circumstantial evidence that an extremely bad something is about to happen that Donald Trump is already fuming about. We dont know are things that make Donald Trump look bad. Johns Church a historic yellow church across from the White House and Lafayette Park. Every president since James Madison has attended a service at St. Bruce McPherson greeted the Trumps after the short drive from the White House. Before leaving the White House Trump tweeted about NBCs Saturday Night Live and threw out the idea of federal investigations into what he said is the shows failure to mention the other side. Trump tweeted Sunday that the UAWs local president ought to get his act together and produce

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