The Trump administration is withdrawing all US diplomats from Venezuela

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The United States will withdraw all its diplomats from Venezuela a move that could potentially exacerbate the political and international crisis in that country. Removing all diplomatic staff surely wont calm any tensions. Venezuela is suffering from a massive five day blackout making it even harder for the nations people to live and for US diplomats to work. 4 percent increase in financial resources for fighting drugs in Latin America. In a televised nationwide address leader says White House ordered this attack and calls on public to mount active resistanceUS pulls all staff from Venezuela as Maduro blames blackout on demonic Trump plotThe United States has said it will withdraw all remaining diplomatic staff from Venezuela as Nicols Maduro accused Donald Trump of masterminding a demonic plot to force him from power by crippling the countrys electricity system with an imperialist electromagnetic attack. But Maduro vowed that the supposed attack on Venezuelas grid would be thwarted. They will insist in their attacks calling on Venezuelans to respond with nerves of steel. Venezuela has truly collapsed already You can say with all responsibility that Venezuela has already collapsed. An exclusive interview with Lara Trump paign senior adviser. 7 trillion budget plan for 2020 which cuts domestic spending while increasing defense spending and sets aside nearly $9 billion for a border wall

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