Trumps intervention in Venezuela has stalled because Caracas knows hes bluffing Jackson DiehlWashington Post

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that he had been victimised by the elite who were trying to stop mr corbyn becoming prime minister he added. this is endemic if you have a genuine socialist leader. This multiplier feedback effect is very powerful and affects almost everyone in Venezuela she said. As horrifying as this is what makes it even worse is that the sanctions arent even likely to cause Maduros downfall. sanctions are exacerbating the dreadful economic situation in Venezuela it is hard to imagine President Nicols Maduro relinquishing power to relieve the sanctions pressure. The Maduro regime may fall the Trump administrations unilateral sanctions are unlikely to be the cause. Putin acted in defiance of the Trump administration which has used all the leverage it can muster to engineer a regime change in Caracas. On Wednesday as if controlling internal events in a sovereign nation were our prerogative. The administration imagined that economic chaos and popular discontent in Venezuela would topple Maduro. We do not interfere in the domestic affairs of Venezuela a Putin spokesman said

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