After NZ Massacre By White Nationalist Trump Proudly Signs Veto Promoting White Nationalism

trump veto


Much of what Customs and Border Protection has been working on along the border is replacement barrier. A CBP official said this barrier replaced dilapidated infrastructure half of which was Normandy style vehicle barrier. It would stop a car but people can easily step over it. 375 billion for approximately 55 miles of new barriers in the Rio Grande Valley sector. Congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and I have the duty to veto it. Trump wants to use the emergency order to divert billions of federal dollars earmarked for defense spending toward the southern border wall. Trump said the situation on the southern border is a tremendous national emergency our immigration system is stretched beyond the breaking point. He did say the word mosques though not the word Muslims. But dont worry Trump doesnt see white nationalism as a problem. Story continues below Well and Trump waved that off

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