Trump Uses Veto to Shut Down Congress Attempt to End Catastrophic War in Yemen

trump veto


One I dont usually reflect on the connections that help me understand how I learn something new or what goes into coming up with some new concept. Trump called the bill an unnecessary dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities. Trumps other veto shot down a bill that would have prevented him from reallocating money to build a border wall. President Donald Trump issued the second veto of his presidency Tuesday to override legislation ending U. military involvement in Yemens civil war. The bill would have invoked the War Powers Resolution to pull U. assistance to the Saudi Arabia led coalition fighting against Houthi rebels and their allies in Yemen. is one way for the president to make good on his view to get out of these endless wars khanna said. President Donald Trump vetoed a resolution that would have called for the end of American assistance in Saudia Arabias war in Yemen. Sanders has led the charge on the Yemen resolution and might make this a larger fixture of his 2020 presidential campaign now that the president vetoed the resolution

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