Ex solicitor general calls BS on Matthew Whitaker forgetting his conversations with Trump during sworn testimony

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Michael Cohen has testified that President Trump directed him to lie to Congress about Trumps business dealings with Russia during the campaign. The weakness of the accusation is that Cohen does not seem to have any proof. Collins said he heard Whitakers comments differently and maintained that Whitaker said he had not talked with the president about Mr. Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker is returning to Capitol Hill to clarify his testimony about several matters including his communications with President Donald Trump. Nadler asked Whitaker to return to the committee to clarify his answers. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker testifies before Congress. It was revealed Wednesday that former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker conveniently forgot many of his conversations with President Donald Trump during a Congressional hearing. During Anderson Coopers CNN show legal analyst Jeff Toobin said that the conversations Whitaker had with Trump over Michael Cohen couldnt be more critical. It just requires an attempt to try and do something that is illegal he explained. SPONSOREDWhitaker left the Justice Department several weeks ago but hes still facing hearings and investigations from his short time at the top

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