Trump Tells Wisconsin Rally Crowd Horrifying Lie About Mother And Doctor Deciding To Execute Newborn Baby

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But your Democrat governor here in Wisconsin stated that he will veto legislation that protects Wisconsin babies born alive. The bill he is referring to would mandate that health professionals do all they could to keep a baby alive if it was born alive and would penalize anyone who lets a baby die. when describing what he thought happens during late term abortions northam said this. Trump claimed that the bill would protect Wisconsin babies born alive story about the treatment of live babies. They take care of the baby Trump intoned. heres trump making another false & unspeakably dangerous claim about abortion. President Trump arrived and the entire nation felt the aftershocks. turning to his nickname for warren trump said. Trump scheduled the mid evening rally at the same time members of the White House Correspondents Association gathered for their annual dinner. Is there any place thats more fun than a Trump rally?In rare public praise for his chief spokeswoman Trump called Sanders to the stage to say a few words

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