This Is A Dire Situation Bob Woodward Warns Of Unsteady Trump Facing Crisis

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Journalist Bob Woodward said the nation is in a governing crisis and its because of President Donald Trump. This is a dire situation the author of Fear said on CNN. The government is just not functioning but he stopped short of calling it a constitutional crisis. Instead he described the White House and Congress as being locked in a constitutional confrontation. see his full conversation with anderson cooper here. In his third bid for the Oval Office who was a frequent visitor to the Hollywood ATM when he was Obamas second command and for last years midterms. Currently the frontrunner the ex Veep revealed that a dozen of those at Costos and Smiths on Wednesday night had urged him to take on Trump. Veteran journalist Bob Woodward said on Wednesday that there will be hydraulic pressure to obtain President Trumps tax information. And then Trumps response is Woodward said on CNN. Theres going to be hydraulic pressure in the system he said

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