Tucker Carlson on Barack Obama Defending Assimilation of Immigrants

tucker carlson


Tucker Carlson said new comments by former President Barack Obama and Sen. Bernie Sanders show how far to the left some Democrats have moved on immigration and border security. Speaking in Berlin over the weekend Obama suggested some on the left have gone too far with accusations of racism against the other side. Should we want to encourage newcomers to learn the language of the country they are moving to?Meantime Sanders pushed back on a member of the audience who referred to him as an advocate for open borders. what if president trump doesnt want to be re elected in 2020?. For example Nielsen was on Tucker Carlsons show the other night talking about this being like a Category 5 hurricane the situation on the border being like a Category 5 hurricane. As we know Carlsons show is one of these right wing opinion shows that stirs up hatred of immigrants. The rhetoric on some of these Fox shows is extreme he later added. Tucker Carlsons show edited a tweet of mine when it appeared on air tonight she said in a tweet later that evening. Wish I was surprised by what Carlsons show did

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