Pornhub Says Theyre Interested In Buying Tumblr And Would Make It NSFW Again

tumblr pornhub


Price said that restoring Tumblrs NSFW edge would be central to their acquisition of it were it to actually happen. Tumblr owner Verizon is reportedly currently seeking a buyer for the blogging platform which according to the Wall Street Journal has struggled to meet revenue targets. There may be some hope on the horizon for former Tumblr users who abandoned the social media site after its ban of pornography last year. Pornhubs president porn would return to the platform. One of the main stumbling blocks Tumblr faced with their ban was that their AI started flagging content that wasnt pornographic at all. GettyA report from the Wall Street Journal today revealed that telecommunications giant has spent the last few weeks searching for someone to take blogging platform Tumblr off its hands. additionally pornhub just might be the right company to figure out how to properly leverage mobile platforms for tumblr. there is one thing that could prevent pornhub from serving as the parent company that tumblr deserves. sound transit starts clearing trees that russian spy whale is trying to defectplease can i have some love and then some witness protection. The goal is to get to the point where printing a liverthe second most complicated organ behind the brainis possible

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