BOOM Trump admin CANCELS major delivery to Turkey

turkey delivery


The Trump administration has finally canceled all equipment deliveries related to the F 35 fighter jet to Turkey and it doesnt look like thats going to change any time soon. The reason for the cancellation is the insistence on Sultan Erdogan to purchase a non Nato Russian missile defense system. But now we can finally say the deal is dead which seems extremely unlikely. Turkish pilots are currently training with the F 35 jets at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. The nine partner nations that participated in the planes development include the US Denmark and Norway. All of these countries except for Canada Denmark and Turkey are already receiving deliveries of the F 35. Halting the delivery of parts and manuals needed to prepare for the aircrafts planned delivery this summer is the first step toward ending the actual aircraft sale. Pentagon leaders have warned that ending Turkeys participation in production would likely force other allies to take on that role and could delay aircraft delivery. It also insists on buying a Russian air defense missile system that could shoot that warplane down

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