Turkeys Erdogan to discuss possible Syria operation with Putin RIA

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backed Kurdish fighters east of the Euphrates in Syria and said last year that preparations were complete for an operation. Our preparations on the border are finished everything is ready for an operation. Turkeys lira can be volatile but analysts said Erdogans government must balance any gains from short term stability. Finance Minister Berat Albayrak has said Turkey will enter an economic rebalancing period after the elections and he is set to reveal reform details next week. Turkish officials have in the past talked up broad reforms including a tax overhaul and measures to strengthen growth. Turkish officials defend the central banks independence which he blames for high inflation. The United States arguments are very wrong. Turkeys planned purchase of the Russian system has put it at odds with NATO ally the United States. Earlier this week Washington halted delivery to Turkey of equipment related to the stealth F 35 fighter aircraft because of the missile defense disagreement. In an attempt to persuade Turkey to drop its plans to buy the S missile system

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