Turkey s elections show Erdogan s power is finally waning and a new political star is born in Istanbul

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Turks are heading to the ballot boxes in a local election that could see President Tayyip Erdogans AK Party losing control of the capital Ankara according to polls. Erdogan has described the vote as a matter of survival for the country. The aim behind the increasing attacks toward our country ahead of the elections is to block the road of the big Erdogan said on Saturday. His opponents have denied the accusations and said Erdogan is responsible for leading Turkey to its current state. if there is a survival issue in turkey its because of you. The opposition won Ankara according to unofficial figures Monday. If confirmed the swings in Ankara and Istanbul could be excruciating for the politician who campaigned hard to retain hold of them. The AKPs candidate for Ankara mayor won 47. His apparent victory well funded political machine in nationwide municipal elections. Mr Erdogans economic failures and what many criticised as his political grandstanding were a likely cause of the partys electoral losses

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