What kind of friend is Turkeys Erdogan if he fuels tensions to win a local election

turkey erdogan


Turkeys leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an authoritarian populist who routinely exploits religion for political value in his country. the leader of a nato member who can nonetheless find it within himself to tell a political rally that australia and new zealand fought turkish troops at gallipoli because were muslim and theyre christian. Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivers a speech at an election rally. its revolting conduct at a time when other world leaders are trying to soothe differences and encourage harmony in the wake of the christchurch massacre. ANKARA referring to a key World War I campaign and the more recent Christchurch mosque shooting as targeting Islam. In more inflammatory comments Erdogan said any Australians and New Zealanders traveling to Turkey with anti Muslim sentiments would be sent back in coffins like their grandfathers were in the Gallipoli campaign. Erdogan has also been showing parts of a manifesto said to have been left by the gunman in which he threatens Turks and Erdogan himself. Remarks have been made by the Turkish President Erdogan that I consider highly offensive to Australians and highly reckless in this very sensitive environment Australias capital. In an opinion piece published in The Washington Post on Wednesday Erdogan said the attacker in New Zealand is no different from the Islamic State group. Our deputy prime minister will be confronting those comments in Turkey Ardern told reporters in Christchurch

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