Turkeys ruling AKP set for defeat in Ankara vote dead heat in Istanbul AFPcom

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Erdogan even though he was not on the ballot. Observers say that with most media pro government opposition parties campaigned at a disadvantage because Erdogans daily rallies dominated TV coverage. Losing Istanbul would be a greater blow. President Erdogan has confessed that his AK Party may have lost Turkeys elections in IstanbulHowever he added they still remained the number one party in Turkey. in istanbul the majority of the districts are either ours or head head. Turkeys main opposition candidate for mayoral elections in Istanbul said it was very clear that his party had won the vote in Istanbul the countrys biggest city. Turkeys Tayyip Erdogan suffered a severe setback on Sunday as his ruling AK Party was set to lose control of the capital Ankara for the first time in a local election and he appeared to concede defeat in the countrys largest city Istanbul. Losing Istanbul would be an even greater symbolic shock. Even if our people gave away the mayorship he said

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