Turkey elections Opposition claims victory in Ankara pulls ahead in Istanbul

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Erdogans AKP claimed victory in Turkeys largest city and economic powerhouse after claiming there were voting irregularities. state media reported that erdogans islamic based party won over 44 percent of the votes across the country the republican peoples party. If there are any shortcomings Erdogan told a crowd gathered in Ankara. From the point of view of the opposition it is a success. which gives me hope for political pluralism in Turkey. I was at an industry conference comprised of my female peerswhat would be my last time there as I had announced my intent to start my own companywhen a friend ran up to me joyously stating she had seen me. The AK Party is on track to lose control of what are Turkeys two biggest cities in a surprise election setback that may complicate Erdogans plans to combat recession. The AK Party had found an excessive difference between votes cast at ballot stations for their candidate and the data sent to electoral authorities he said. shamethe body on monday announced ekrem imamoglu the mayoral candidate of the main opposition republican peoples party. We have filed our objections with the electoral authorities in all 39 districts AKPs Istanbul chief Bayram Senocak told reporters

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