Update 2 Turkey To Rule On Istanbul Election re Run Appeal On Monday AKP Candidate

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while those appeals have been pending for weeks the high election board. CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu has accused Erdogans AKP and the MHP of putting political pressure on the YSK to re run the Istanbul election. Along with a setback in Turkeys commercial hub Ankara. I have kept quiet until this day Erdogan said over the weekend. Should the board defy that it would mean a step backward for democracy. Change of TackIn the weeks after the election Erdogan appeared at times to concede that Istanbul was lost. President Recep Tayyip Erdogans ruling party is however citing alleged irregularities that it insists impacted the result of the vote. The Supreme Electoral Board began its deliberations on Monday. Erdogans ruling AKP and its nationalist MHP allies have called for the vote in Istanbul to be re run citing what they say are irregularities that affected the outcome. The appeals have been pending for weeks but the YSK ordered partial and full recounts across Istanbul

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